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Since 1942, the Jaeger companies have been a global leader in contract plastics and rubber manufacturing. JAEGER manufacturers since 1994 in Denver Colorado, serving its clients as 4th Generation Family Business.

As a rubber manufacturing company based near Denver, plastics and rubber is our sole focus. Our specialty is complete, turnkey development of your products, from design and engineering, to product manufacturing and fulfillment. We provide expert, one-stop solutions for creating rubber and plastic products, from simple parts to complex assemblies.

Our clients enjoy superior service, continuous innovation, and high return-on-investment - from initial concept to finished product. We develop a close bond with our clients to select the best design, materials, and process and to meet their needs.

As a rubber manufacturing company, we produce parts and systems of rubber and plastics, as well as bonded and composite products. Some of our product expertise includes complex hollow shapes and convoluted parts, high-durability natural rubber, high-durability large-area thin-wall membranes, rubber-to-metal bonded parts, and rubber-to-plastic bonded parts.

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Tube Diffuser EPDM Diffuser

Custom Products

Custom Rubber and Plastics Products

JAEGER MANUFACTRUNG expertise ranges from molding to extrusion, from rubber to plastic, from limited prototyping to high-volume mass production. We offer in-house research and development, plastics formulation, testing and more. Our state-of-the-art laboratory performs materials comparison analysis, material property testing, material durability and aging.

Membrane Technology – Gasification of Liquid

Custom Rubber and Plastics Products

JAEGER is the world’s leading expert in molded and extruded high efficiency fine bubble membranes for the gasification of liquids in the aerobic phase of wastewater treatment processes.

membrane technology
membrane technology

Material Experts from A to Z

EPDM, Silicone, other Synthetic Elastomers, to Natural Rubber Manufacturer

JAEGER MANUFACTRUNG, materials experts. From A to Z, from ACM polyacrylate rubber to X-NBR direct-bond elastomers, we offer experience and expertise in dozens of materials. Our engineers are materials specialists, empowering our clients to select the best material for superior performance, lowest cost, and highest ROI.

Product design consulting, and manufacturing experience cover the broadest possible selection of materials, elastomers to thermoplastics, agent bonding to mechanical bonding, and rubber-to-plastic to rubber-to-metal bonding.

Material Experts
Material Experts
Material Experts

Technical Consulting: One-Stop Expertise and Support

JAEGER provides you with expertise, one-stop solutions for creating rubber and plastic products, from simple parts to complex assemblies. We will work closely with you starting with an initial concept to design and engineering, material selection to manufacturing and quality-control.

Our consulting expertise and support is enriched by our broad range of value-added services, including computer-aided design, simulation tools, rapid prototyping, material selection and compound formulation, material analysis and certification, process, and tool-die design.

Technical Consulting
Technical Consulting
Technical Consulting

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